Here's a little background on me.
I've had a passion for wildlife and the outdoors for as
long as I can remember. Like most farm boys I
started fishing at a very young age. I took up hunting
and trapping when I was a teenager,and learned
everything I could about the game I pursued. This
kind of up close and personal experience  with
wildlife would prepare me for another
passion,---            ---taxidermy.---
I started doing taxidermy as a hobby in 1990  when I
couldn't  find a local taxidermist who was interested
in doing a rug mount of a bobcat I had trapped. I did a
little research and decided I could do the job myself. It
turned out well enough that I was ready for more. I
started mounting everything I could get my hands on,
for myself and my friends.
Taxidermy eventually grew into a part time business
and I came to depend on the extra income.
After several years of experience as a part timer with
many satisfied repeat customers, I decided to go full
time. My wife and I bought a place north of my home
town of Edna, KS  that has a large old barn that we
have turned into a spacious taxidermy shop.
I have many years of practical experience mounting
many different kinds of mammals birds and fish, wild
and domestic, and you can rest assured that I can
take care of your prized trophy, and return to you; a
mount that you can be proud of and hand down to the
next generation.
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Where is Edna , Kanasas ?
Where is Edna , Kanasas ?