Caring for your trophy animal
Field Care
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Caping for a shoulder mount.

With a sharp knife slit the hide circling
the body behind the shoulder at
approximately the midway point of the rib
cage behind the front legs. Slit the skin
around the legs just above the knees. An
additional slit will be needed from the
back of the leg and joining the body cut
behind the legs (Figure 2A and 2B).
2. Peel the skin forward up to the ears
and jaw exposing the head / neck junction.
Cut into the neck approximately 3 inches
down from this junction. Circle the neck
cutting down to the spinal column. After
this cut is complete, grasp the antler
bases and twist the head off the neck.
This should allow the hide to be rolled up
and put in a freezer or taken to the  
taxidermist. These cuts should allow
ample hide for the taxidermist to work with
in mounting.
Remember, the taxidermist can cut off
excess hide but he  can't add what he
does not have.
I prefer too much hide to too little.
If you would like to bring the whole
hide I will cut off what I don't need.
Nonresident Hunters
If you prefer to have your
hometown taxidermist
mount your trophy we can
cape it and prepare the skin
and antlers for legal, safe
transportation. We can also
ship your cape and antlers
to any USA address.
How to skin a deer for a shoulder mount
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